continuing notes: california (or, mountain lions, dude)

we went down to ukiah to try and find a friend’s mom, and when it turned out that we couldn’t find her we called people to say as much but the phone lines were clogged with smoke and fire. we kept going because that’s what you do, but to be honest, i knew it was a waste of time from the get-go. we’d gone to the two fire stations in town to ask what we could do. they were like, “lol nothing.” but whatever. it wasn’t my people who were in trouble and i was happy to tag along if there was any way i could help. hopefully that means i’m grown now. even if i’m a cynic at heart, i try to be goddamn earnest.

when pearl and i were chatting earlier she asked me where i wanted to end up. we’d kind of gone over my chronology briefly — montreal, portland, boston, new york, back to boston, here — kinda just the bigger moves — and she was like, so where? and i was like, “i don’t care, really. i kind of love wherever i end up. so far.” because that’s the story you tell. but in most cases, it’s true. i’ve never really been a christian, but i sure did internalize the jesus-y parts.

in the trailer there are basically three things to worry about. 1) mountain lions. 2) norcal serial killers. since the latter is most likely not an issue, you pay attention to the former. let me show you:

there have been something like 11 deaths by mountain lions in the united states since records have been kept. that is a vanishingly small number. i’ve read up on this significantly. i’ve watched youtube videos. the problem is that there was this one guy whose house i painted in 2008 or so, and who had built that house that i painted — so, y’know, big burly fuckin ken kesey Oregon stereotype — and he had this story about being stalked by mountain lions that’s never slipped. apparently he was hunting in the winter, things got quiet, he circled back and saw mountain lion tracks just behind him and left.

granted, this is some fucking archetype with a gun so he would’ve been fine. it’s that the archetype with a gun was targeted at all that worries me.

mountain lions, dude.



One response to “continuing notes: california (or, mountain lions, dude)

  1. Fires are terrible!

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