sing it with me now

i went to detox, which was weird. my roommate, we’ll call him jeff, was an asshole. jeff stole the master key from the cleaning people, and wendy, to whom i addressed a letter at the end, called him out on it. he made a stupid statement about it on my last day there, which no one believed for a second, and we all made fun of him some more, because jesus. just, that’s why.

it kind of sucks to be in the middle of a breakdown, but that’s life and you just do it. my favorite thing in the world is watching, y’know? i once found a friend in the middle of nowhere and we went swimming. we had a sauna. we ate fish for breakfast.

if i die i won’t regret it. it’s been a-okay.

and when i don’t, i won’t either.

there is a song that goes like this. da-da-dee-da-da-dum-dum-dum.

sing it with me now


One response to “sing it with me now

  1. Dear Tom, don’t die. You can get it together again. People are counting on you and love you. Forgive yourself and reconnect to what is good in life and good in you. We love you.

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