thoughts before coffee

Doris says, “Use your head, c’mon, Tom.”

I say, “I know how to clean a vase. This would be much faster without two people doing it.”

Doris is my boss for the moment. I don’t really need the job, but I’m bored and some of my favorite people on earth work there (and have worked there for years), and so I’m like, “Okay, Doris. What do you want done?”

And she cleans a vase like one would clean a vase, and I’m like, “Oh, wow. Thanks.”

I do not hide my sarcasm.

Doris is a crazy person, but she has the virtues of 1) being incredibly talented, 2) commanding respect, and 3) sometimes earning that respect. Most of her employees are lifers. She is probably the worst boss I’ve ever had. But I do know that she’ll always hire me. I don’t really know why. She hired me in high school when I was just trying to earn enough money for a bit of weed and some cigarettes, and maybe an ice cream for my high school sweetheart. She’s hired me every time I’ve asked since. When my dad died, and it was the day of the wake and we were all just fucked up and trying to deal — when I called her and said, “Holy fuck, I need some funeral shit, I don’t even know what, and the service is in two hours,” she put that shit together and got it to the service well before it was due.

There’s probably something to be said about loyalty and all that. Hell, I almost quit yesterday, but I didn’t. In the meantime, I’d rather have coffee.


5 responses to “thoughts before coffee

  1. Gotta love Beverly!

  2. Sure, let me know! Maybe we could get the trivia team back together!

  3. I’m about 3/4 of the way through Patti Smith’s “M Train.” I swear, the whole book is about the pursuit of coffee. And, what’s amazing, is she pretends that it’s not about coffee… and, maybe it’s not. Maybe the coffee is a way to engage the reader while telling her stories.

    I’ve never met Doris (at least, not your Doris), but I love her all the same. Shitty bosses can be good friends. The pretense of coffee can hook a story. Nicely done, my friend.

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