The Anniversary

Today, this blog turns a year old.

I think I read somewhere that the vast majority of blogs are abandoned within, like, the first twelve minutes of their existence.

So fuck all those haters, first of all.

Second of all, I never intended for this shit to be all personal diatribe and essays about Blogbytom’s ever-so-interesting life.  It’s just that I’m not really good at writing about politics–my original plan, my original project–and I was driving across the country by myself, and I needed some company, so I just changed direction.  My audience became my company, I thought.  I would write about how fucking boring South Dakota is, and people would give me feedback–a solution to the perpetual loneliness entailed by throwing away a life you have carefully constructed over the course of three years in Oregon.  A solution, in short, to road trip blues.

So I did that, and people actually cared, and voila–revelation.  Blogbytom gets a new mission statement.  Blogbytom becomes Blogabouttom, which is, of course, very self-centered of me, but remember what I said back in the third paragraph, the one about being all like, fuck the haters?

Yeah, fuck the haters.

So, a toast, to myself, and to many more years of Bloggingbytom.  I’ve got nothing better to do.


5 responses to “The Anniversary

  1. While we’re being self-centred, how about you come see Air Potato and the Side Effects on July 12 in Montreal and then blog about that?

  2. Oh, fuck, dudes. I don’t know how the shit I got the idea that my birthday party was today, but after some cursory fact-checking (which I probably should have done in the first place, yeah fucking yeah) I realize that it’s actually not until June 14th. Oh, whoops. Oh, how silly of me. Oh, now I feel embarrassed.

    Whatever. Fuck it. Pretend that this was posted two weeks from now. Or pretend that I opened the account on the 1st, but that I didn’t actually post something until the 14th. Yeah. Do that.


    • That’s what happens when you get old, Tom… you can’t remember your own-fucking birthday. So, here’s to you: prematurely confounded and forever amusing.

      When are you coming back to PDX for a visit?

      • You saying I’m gonna die young?

        Oh, man, Portland. Right, yeah. Let me think about that. Meantime, when are you coming out to the lEast coast for a visit?

  3. i have recently tried to model my life after tom’s. wasn’t my flavor. cheerio and toodles and shit.

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