The Aughts (In No Particular Order)

Since everyone’s making lists, and since I haven’t gone out to get drunk yet, I want a piece of the action.  Let this stand as my written will, should I die tomorrow (meaning, I don’t care who gets what, because I don’t have anything worth fighting over).  And let a cryptographer decipher it if you can’t:

1. Adulthood.

2. Montreal.

3. Love.

4. Portland.

5. Heartbreak.

6. Working on a marijuana farm in California.


8. When Eric and I almost died hitchhiking that one time.


10. 9/11.

11. Dread.

12. War.


14. Broken bones.


16. Food stamps.


18. College.

19. Parc Jeanne Mance.


21. Climbing up the mountain.

Happy new decade, all.  It can’t possibly be as bad as the last one.


4 responses to “The Aughts (In No Particular Order)

  1. i started with the killer 2k9: places i’ve slept this year, & ways i’ve made money this year. guess which one took up 2 pages, and which one a couple lines? the wrong answer, that’s what. so i’ll let the rest of the decade sit in my head, since i already nostalgia-tripped on y2k a week ago. thing is, though, tom, as an ardent maker of very personal lists, you’re not allowed blank spaces. the list is to list it, yo, no matter how bad it looks. anyways, im glad to have been there for some of it…

  2. even if those parts include broken bones, heartbreak, and foodstamps. pls remember when when yer not broke.

  3. damnit! remember ME, i meant. do not include blogging on my list of accomplishments this decade, even if i assist in padding yer stats.

  4. Unemployed (almost) privileged white guy that is prone to whining about the circumstances of his life...

    Whoa! Kate, let it go…

    Not that I ever meant to fill up your blog with my shit, Tom but….

    Here are 19 titles of stories I’ll never write:
    1. Vera Katz is Stalking Me
    2. The Secret Life of Joe the Plumber
    3. Saturday in Jammy-Pants
    4. Shanty: A Small House With Big Dogs
    5. Poor Me
    6. Secret Fears
    7. Camas, Washington: a Long Way From Portland
    8. Socialism is Not a Dirty Word.
    9. How I Started Drinking Espresso
    10. The Hope I Hope to Have
    11. Alliteration for the Illiterate
    12. A Day Painting Houses
    13. Lucky Numbers
    14. Poetry I Never Wrote
    15. Two-Hours in the Park
    16. Teleportation: the Careful Reconstruction of an Atomized Congressman
    17. Goodness!
    18. Nuns on the Bus
    19. Inspired By Music

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