Ted Kennedy Is Dead

Long live Ted Kennedy!

Look, there’s a lot that I disagreed with him on, or  some, or a bit, or whatever, but the fact of the matter is that he held his own in the Senate, actually got shit done in that wasteland of a legislative body, spoke his mind articulately and fearlessly, and generally represented himself and his state (and my home state) with a degree of consistency that’s utterly lacking in all too many politicians.

He had stones, and he wasn’t afraid to use them.

And so Massachusetts is now without one of its two senators and the left-wing blogosphere wants to name the health-care bill after him, if, of course, we can get one passed before I’m fifty.  Oh, and the hysterical part of the left-wing blogosphere is up in arms [see comments] because Rush Limbaugh congratulated himself for predicting that Kennedy would die before health-care was enacted.

What can I say?  A prediction’s a prediction.  Limbaugh got it right.

We don’t need to praise the dead just for being dead.  We don’t need to hope that they get into heaven.  Not in polite society, and not in impolite society.  Let Limbaugh have his opinions.  We can have ours.  That’s all there is to it.


One response to “Ted Kennedy Is Dead

  1. I have been glued to the TV and have saved all the Boston Globe’s since he died. He was a great liberal who somehow managed to have some true friends on the other side. That’s because he fought for the cause, without getting personal. He kept his sense of humor. And, he recognized there can be honorable people on both sides of an argument.
    Massachusetts was served well and most of us will miss him.

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