WTF Of The Day…

Rush Limbaugh:

LIMBAUGH: I love it when the global warmers — and I think they’re — you know, you people run around and you talk about the birthers and how irresponsible and off their rockers they are. The global warming believers are just as wacko as the birthers if you want to look at them as wacko. I mean, if there is a leftist equivalent of the birthers out there, it is the global warmers.And this story, they’re blaming the ocean for falling global temperatures. The sun warms the oceans, so any fluxuation comes from the sun! There is no other heat source for the ocean.

At any rate, who in their right minds trusts Gore or Obama on this? The reason that we’re in a cooling period is sunspot activity — anybody knows this. The sun’s cooled a little bit and only a fool would be surprised that Earth’s temperatures have fallen as a result. I mean, for crying out loud, folks, the sun is in a solar minimum phase right now. And we’ve studied these, and we know when they’re in minimum phases, and they’re in one now.

And it’s — it just makes common sense if you’re in a solar minimum phase that the temperatures are going to be lower here on Earth. I — have you ever just been as amazed as I am that the global warmers just discount the sun? It’s not a factor, as far as they’re concerned. And it’s the only factor! Without it, we wouldn’t be.

People actually listen to this man.

Many points.

1) “Global warmers” are “leftists” who believe the ill-formed opinions facts presented to them by the vast, vast (over 90%) majority of the scientific community.  The “equivalent” of these “leftists” are “God-fearing Americans” (presumably) who believe the facts ill-formed opinions of a lawyer/dentist/real estate agent named Orly Taitz (who doesn’t seem to understand that being a natural born citizen does not require having two parents who are citizens of this country, and doesn’t even require being born in the United States [ahem, John McCain, cough]).

So yeah, makes perfect sense.  Good analogy.

Except that it took me forty-two (42) parantheticals to sort it through.

2) The primary heat source for planet earth is indeed the sun.  But, as someone who worked at a florist for the entirety of high school, the greenhouse effect makes quite a bit of sense.  Heat doesn’t rely on the sun alone.  For example:  you.  You there.  Yes, you.  You ever light a fire?  That’s heat.  And it’s not the sun…Even! Though! They’re! Both! On! Fire!

You don’t even need things like the “ozone layer,” or weird invisible small things called “particles,” or these compounds called bizarre shit like “carbon dioxide” and “methane.”  Think of a greenhouse.  Think of a situation wherein one could make one.  Think of ways to make one hotter.  Then consider the fact that scientists know more than you do about science, that they’ve proven the existence of a global greenhouse already (hint: it has to do with the atmosphere), and that the idea that climate fluctuates isn’t terribly controversial among them.  The idea that we’re putting more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere isn’t very controversial, either:  it’s just counting.  The fact that we can track a correlation between an increase in greenhouse gases and an increase in global temperature via (among other things) ice core samples is widely agreed upon.  The planet is a greenhouse.  A much more complicated, messy, and ugly greenhouse, but a greenhouse nonetheless.

The analogy fails because people can control a greenhouse, to a certain extent.  They cannot control the global climate.

Nor can they respect it, evidently.

3) For me to believe that there are sunspots would require me to believe that there’s a sun, and that would entail that I believe that the power that heats the earth is not some heavenly glow from Jesus Christ Our Savior, but an immensely-huge fusion bomb hovering in the sky and forever exploding, the latter of which is not nearly as poetic as the former.

Ergo:  Not gonna go there.

4) Temperatures haven’t fallen.  People don’t trust Gore and Obama; they trust the motherfucking scientists who Gore and Obama trust, who are the very same motherfucking scientists that motherfucking scientists trust, blah, blah, blah, etc.

5) Did I just spend thirty minutes responding to Rush Limbaugh?

6) Yes.

7) Yes I did.

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3 responses to “WTF Of The Day…

  1. fire…not sun? Not same? GrAAH!!

  2. IkindofloveMaureenDowd

    Tom, I don’t think that the sun is actually on fire. I think it’s fusion. I think those are different things. I hope I’m thinking right.

  3. I think that a never ending fusion explosion produces fire.

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