Alack and Alas

Conor, at the Dish, wonders why the National Review’s Andrew McCarthy would post this:

I’ve noticed that President Obama frequently forgoes the necktie — lately, even in public appearances. That reminded me — I have no idea why — that the Iranian regime has shunned the necktie ever since Khomeini pronounced it a symbol of Western decadence.

Friggin’ duh, Conor!  Cause Obama is a fascist!  Or a Muslim!  Or a Moslem!  Or an Islamofascist!  And a Baby-killer!  And a Puller-of-the-plug-on-grandma!  And has dark skin!

And is obviously sympathetic to whatever is bad for America.  Which is why the American public elected him President.  Or elected the American version of him.  But he’s really Kenyan.  Which means…

QED, bitches.


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