Barney Frank Lays The Smackdown


It’s been suggested that this woman is a Lyndon LaRouche supporter, which would make no small amount of sense.  I haven’t had to interact with any LaRouche people in a few years, but I do recall being pestered by one repeatedly at the Democratic Convention in Boston in 2004.  Everyone, in his mind, was a Nazi, except for LaRouche.  Kerry was a Nazi.  Bush was a Nazi.  Cheney was a Nazi.  My mother was a Nazi.  It didn’t matter.  It was a rhetorical fallback option, and it didn’t make shit for sense.

I argued with the LaRouche douche for twenty minutes or so, then I went to the “free speech” zone, where I watched the KKK God Hates Fags people (and their poor children) and was subsequently hit on by a forty-something fat man.

God Bless America.  And God bless Barney Frank for telling it like it is.


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