On Teabaggers/Suggestion Of The Day

So it’s like this:  healthcare reform is moving along ever so slowly, and the Republicans are all, like, bitching and moaning about Baby Trig getting aborted and your D-Day grandparents getting euthanized–because, quite simply, they want to scare people into thinking that reforming the healthcare system is unAmerican.  What’s worse, it’s motherfucking “rationing,” and there are going to be Death Boards that… abort Baby Trig and kill WWII vets and shit!  Bad for America!  Bad!

(But it’s a liberal’s dream, I tell you, because we’re really fascists.  Kill the geezers and the retards!  Kill ’em all!)

Digby suggests a possible course of action for Democrats.  To, you know, avoid conceding substantive parts of a given bill, and instead only concede the lowest hanging fruit.  As is well articulated below:

The Democrats should always put something really outrageous into every bill to give the wingnuts something to rend their garments over. In the stimulus they should have set aside a couple million for illegal alien subsidized beachfront housing. In health care they should have put in a tax on guns to cover plastic surgery. When the nutters predictably go bonkers, they can reluctantly “give in,” thus leaving perfectly mainstream, useful items like contraception and counseling for living wills alone.

I don’t know what else to do about this but give them a hissy fit. They’re going to have one no matter what. Might as well plan for it.

Can I get a hear, hear?

In all honesty, I don’t think that this is such a bad idea.  It gives people who are never going to vote even remotely progressively a reality that fits the caricature of liberalism they’ve got in their heads.  It gives them an easy target.  And while they harrumph and attack the easy target, the meaningful change is either ignored or conceded.

In other words, the George Bush strategy is not entirely ineffective:  throw every crazy left or right-wing pipe dream into a bill you could possibly fit, let the opposition hammer away at the craziest of it all, and pass the rest under the banner of bipartisanship.

And while we’re giving undocumented workers beach houses, and taxing guns to pay for plastic surgery, could we fund abortion clinics with NASCAR revenue somehow?

That’d be great.  Thanks.


One response to “On Teabaggers/Suggestion Of The Day

  1. Something must be done, but I’m too tired now to read all these arguments. People don’t have choices now, for goodness sakes. People in my company have such high co-payments or non-payments that they don’t go to the doctor when they’ve sliced themselves with a knife on a hand and it subsequently swells up and looks rather infected because of the minimums, etc. Today’s health policy, in other words, does not offer choice, except once choice too often from a sad company that is basically a very, very poor choice.

    Anyway, hope this jives with what you said….
    love you

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