Citation Needed

Where does Sully get this stuff?

[…] it seems to me that scientists may simply be responding to the redefinition of conservatism in America as a fundamentalist Protestant religious grouping that denies evolution, favors (intellectually indefensible) Bibical literalism, and has a problem with the Enlightenment. Many scientists might remain conservative in the sense I hold – belief in limited government, pragmatic change, individual freedom – but feel they have to call themsleves “liberal” considering the views of those who now go by the name “conservative.”

My emphasis.

Now, that might be true of a certain class of people who see a Republican party headed wildly off the rails and don’t want to be associated with it, but where’s a source that validates the idea that many scientistsmight remain” Sully’s Type O’ Conservative?  Such a claim implies that he’s privy to some poll from the past that puts the number of scientists of a conservative bent at a higher rate than the one at issue.  Of course, he could just be talking out of his ass, as he’s sometimes wont to do.

In short, I call bullshit.

Show me the money, Andrew Sullivan.


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