Oil Company Fails To Post Record Profits

Thank God.

Exxon Mobil is, like, the most evil company in the world.  They’re eviller than Goldman fucking Sachs, if you can believe it.  Any bad news for them is good news for the rest of us.  Sort of.

Thing is, this isn’t really bad news for them.  They still made $3.95 billion in the second quarter.  They did this while spending $5.2 billion to buy back shares and pay dividends to their shareholders.  So while the profit is significantly off from last year’s $11.68 billion, they remain a powerful source of nefariousness.  [Yes, nefariousness is a word.]

Look:  last year was 1) before the global economy fell off the fucking cliff, and 2) when oil was at like $6,000 a barrel.  Their production only fell 3%.  They’re still trying to kill your grandchildren.

Not to mention the polar bears…

(h/t:  Adam)


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