Meghan McCain Has A Terrible Sense Of Humor (Updated)

Nice hat!

I don’t get it.

The Lady Gaga parody?  “Just Tax”?  It’s… funny?  Do Republicans really think that it’s funny?  Does the nineteenth most influential columnist in these United States truly think that “Just Tax” is “cute, catchy, and the simplest way possible to explain why I am a Republican when it comes to taxes”?

I’ve often wondered why it is that left-leaning people seem to have a monopoly on political humor in this country.  Or at least on self-aware political humor (sometimes insanity is comedy in its own right).  Is it because I’m a left-wing moonbat who thinks that rich people should be taxed more than poor people?  Is it because I think invading countries that haven’t attacked us is immoral and criminal?  Is it because singing about bombing Iran to the tune of a Beach Boy song doesn’t give me an erection?

Well, sort of.  But it’s also because videos like this [I refuse to embed it] are what pass for “hilarious” to those of a right-wing political persuasion.

Whatever.  We’ve got Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  They’ve got… some creamsicle in a wife-beater complaining about “spreading the wealth.”

It almost seems unfair, doesn’t it?


I just read some of the comments from the original article.  The best one, by far:

“That video is no dramatic prairie dog.”

Sure isn’t.


4 responses to “Meghan McCain Has A Terrible Sense Of Humor (Updated)

  1. “Creamsicle” is a good one. Keep it in the repertoire.

  2. Yeah, that was so “hilarious” I only made it half-way through before tabbing over to “PostPartisan” instead.

    Even Bill Kristol’s rant-blog about Obama throwaway lines (umm, who cares?) was more entertaining than that.

  3. prairiedog for president! those bermuda shorts dudes sure look like capitol hill interns to me, total creamsicles.

  4. morningbiscuit

    I lasted 54 seconds into Meghan’s new favorite music vid… and that only out of dedication to your blog. I love you, Tom. You’re my hero.

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