Obligatory NRO Bashing Of The Day

Veronique de Rugy praises a “tax revolt” in Point Pleasant, NJ:

The movement to recall Mayor Barella began in the fall, after he asked the state government permission to levy local special options taxes on beach badges, paid parking lots, and alcohol — and more controversially, proposed parking fees on all neighborhood streets — to meet the $11.5 $1.5 million gap in the borough’s budget.

Read all the details of this story here. Let’s hope that Point Pleasant’s residents are starting a trend.

Yes, let’s!

Maybe they can be the next Cali-fucking-fornia, where wonderful things like the following are happening to close a $26 billion budget gap:

the state will steal borrow $4.3 billion from already strapped local governments, leading to probable bankruptcies and in all likelihood more expenses for the state to pick up. California workers will see an extra 10% of their state withholding taxes taken as an interest-free loan. The state will delay paychecks to state workers by one day, from June 30 to July 1, to push $1.3 billion into the next fiscal year. Governor Robot added non-budget related items like anti-fraud prevention measures to IHSS, so that when you try to access social services, you get fingerprinted like a common criminal.

I’m no expert on California politics, but recalling elected officials when they propose taxes (or fees) to cover expenditures the citizenry demands seems pretty fucking stupid.  Gray Davis, were he dead, would be rolling in his grave.  But he’s not dead.  People are just stupid.

So no, let’s not hope that Point Pleasant’s residents are starting a trend.  Let’s hope they grow the fuck up.

Though, from the looks of things….


One response to “Obligatory NRO Bashing Of The Day

  1. morningbiscuit

    That’s right, Little Girl, that Obama’s a socialist… fuckin’ Commie, really. By the way, don’t come crying to me when you’re pregnant at fifteen, sleeping under a bridge, and smoking crack, Bitch.

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