WTF Of The Day

Via the ever-reliable Krauthammer.  Take it away, Charlie:

America’s manned space program is in shambles. Fourteen months from today, for the first time since 1962, the United States will be incapable not just of sending a man to the moon but of sending anyone into Earth orbit. We’ll be totally grounded. We’ll have to beg a ride from the Russians or perhaps even the Chinese.

So what, you say? Don’t we have problems here on Earth? Oh, please. Poverty and disease and social ills will always be with us. If we’d waited for them to be rectified before venturing out, we’d still be living in caves.

No, we wouldn’t.  We just wouldn’t be trying to waste billions of dollars to send people on a mission to The Fucking Moon that has little to no scientific merit.

Didn’t we announce that we we were going to Mars at the Super Bowl or something equally wacky?  Oh, yeah.  Not so much.  But here.  I can’t embed it, but it’s creepy as hell.

Lets Go To All Of Them!!!!!!

Let's Go To All Of Them!!!!!!


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