Oregon’s Old-Growth Forests/Shameless Plug

From the NYT:

In a move to protect endangered species, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced Thursday that his department had reversed a Bush administration decision to double the amount of logging allowed in and around old-growth forests in western Oregon.

As someone who lives in western Oregon, who considers himself an environmentalist, and who has two very good friends who work as arborists and advocate for old-growth protection, this is extremely good news.  The forests here are largely second-growth (Portland has been called, among other nicknames, Stumptown, because as soon as the area was settled the trees were all logged for timber), and they’re pretty damn beautiful in their own right, but to be perfectly frank, they ain’t got shit on the ancient forests.

Here’s a picture:

Go to Brian and Will’s website and donate money, or spread the word, or just watch cool videos and see cool pictures.


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