Fighting Hurricanes, Bill Gates-style

This should be my WTF Of The Day, but the day is young, and there could be more WTF-edness.

Microsoft Genius Bill Gates has already accomplished plenty in his life — but now he’s involved in an ambitious new venture — a plan to tame hurricanes. He and several other scientists and engineers have a patent-pending project that plans to release barge-like contraptions into brewing offshore hurricanes, which would pump cold water up from the bottom of the ocean, thus calming the rough weather that’s caused by warm ocean temperatures.

Batshit.  Fucking.  Crazy.

I mean, I admire the chutzpah, but hurricanes are getting stronger for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is warming ocean surface temperatures.  We should probably focus our efforts on combating that trend, rather than zany schemes to bunker-bust hurricanes and siphon carbon dioxide into outer space and shit.  Plus, climate engineering could have untold negative consequences.

Count me against this one.


One response to “Fighting Hurricanes, Bill Gates-style

  1. Unfortunately, even the Secretary of Saving the Planet (according to Rolling Stone) says we’re fucked on that front, so we might as well start working on the crazy-ass geoengineering solutions now, rather than when we’re staring hell in the face.

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