Pug Pushes Stroller

In Portland, Oregon.  Where I live.  Via Danny.

The music is heart-warming, too.

I hate pugs.


3 responses to “Pug Pushes Stroller

  1. FY inspiration: Just discovered “categories.” It took me an hour to go back through my posts and organize shit, but it’s pretty cool to click a button and see all of one’s posts on a given theme.

  2. PS (as usual) – Jacob Levy, the McGill political theorist (was he after your time?), has a blog that’s pretty good (and a really good blogroll) Here. Sample post: http://jacobtlevy.blogspot.com/2009/05/pluralism-and-civility-in-name-of.html

  3. ok, i’m also a hater. so check this shit out:
    i knew a very big guy with this on his thigh http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaptenhanna/2084425439/
    but maybe maybe this is more appropriate:

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