Cowboy The Fuck Up

For fucking real.

I said yesterday to Kate that if the Democrats didn’t get healthcare passed, I’d vote for a Republican in the next Presidential election.  Maybe it wasn’t healthcare.  Whatever.  I forget.  It was kind of late (no it wasn’t) and I was kind of sober (no I wasn’t).

It wasn’t true, anyway.  I won’t vote for a Republican.  Republicans are scary.

Whatever.  It’s getting ridiculous.  Democrats have a filibuster proof Senate, an overwhelming majority in the House, a popular President, and a policy that the vast majority of the American public is desperate to see enacted.  The evidence from every other developed nation on the planet indicates that the principle (healthcare for all is good) is noble and the policy (we’ll give everyone healthcare) actionable–in a number of different ways.

And Democrats are supposed to be worried about playing nice?  About including everybody?

Honestly.  Fuck this.  The Reagan era is over.  Over.  Now.  It’s over.  Now.  It was fun, but the world’s economy collapsed.  It was fun, but I only had healthcare because my parents were middle-class.  It was fun, but I don’t have healthcare now, because I’m un(der-shh!)employed and I can barely afford rent.  It was fun, but it’s time to start treating everyone–not just bankers–like they’re human beings.

Populist rant, out.

Here’s a picture from Page 2 of the Google search for ‘obama healthcare’:

A:  The gay one.  And the Asian one.


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