Wingnut Alert/WTF Of The Day

Is Andy McCarthy implicitly defending China’s human rights record?

The Wall Street Journal (as flagged in the NRO web briefing) reports on rioting in China by Uighur “students” that has left scores dead and hundreds wounded. The “students,” described elsewhere in the story as from a “predominantly Muslim ethnic group[, which has] long chafed at restrictions on their civil liberties and religious practices imposed by a Chinese government fearful of political dissent,” expressed their dissent by torching cars and buses, as well as — according to accounts of some witnesses to state-controlled media — rampaging “with big knives stabbing people” on the street.

No reason for non-Muslims in Bermuda, Palau, or the United States to worry, though. The lovable Uighurs are merely trying to address “economic and social discrimination.” Once they get social justice, I’m sure they’ll stop.

Silly Uighurs!  Trix are for kidzzzz!  LOLZYPANTZ!!!!!!

Yeah, protesting on behalf of “freedom of religion” and against “economic and social discrimination” is now “terrorism”–especially since, “according to accounts of some witnesses to state-controlled media,” the protesters were “rampaging ‘with big knives stabbing people’ on the street.”

What a fucking cheesedick.


One response to “Wingnut Alert/WTF Of The Day

  1. cheesedick! one of my favorites.

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