The Young And The Uninsured…

Krugman makes a point that’s worth emphasizing:

…the uninsured are disproportionately young adults, whose medical costs tend to be relatively low. The big spending is mainly on the elderly, who are already covered by Medicare.

I’m a young adult.  In the past three years I’ve been to the doctor exactly twice, once for a broken foot and once for a split chin.  While I’d have loved to have been insured for those visits, it’s telling that other than those, I’d have cost the healthcare system for just three annual check-ups.  I’m relatively healthy.  I have no “preexisting conditions.”  I am, in short, a cheap date.

So are most of my peers.  Give us some healthcare, America.

Sorry the picture’s so stupid.


2 responses to “The Young And The Uninsured…

  1. You are 100 percent right! And once upon the time the old people were young and paid more into the system, and some of them lost their jobs, and then they had no health insurance. So, it’s stupid to tie it to work. And, it’s stupid not to offer a nationalized program, which you so ably suggest in another post.

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