Douthat = Douche-hat?

Is Ross Douthat’s new job just to be a douche?  I know he replaced Bill Kristol, so the bar was set pretty low, but for crying out loud.

In his latest, he discusses Sarah Palin’s unfair treatment at the hands of the media and the (left-wing) meritocracy:

Sarah Palin represents the democratic ideal — that anyone can grow up to be a great success story without graduating from Columbia and Harvard.

This ideal has had a tough 10 months. It’s been tarnished by Palin herself, obviously…


But it’s also been tarnished by the elites themselves, in the way that the media and political establishments have treated her.

Poor Sarah.  Douche-hat goes on to rue 1) how her record has been misrepresented, and 2) how her gender and family have received undue criticism, bordering on, and occasionally crossing into, outright hostility.

I think Point (2) is countered to a certain extent by the existence of Hillary Clinton.  I’m not saying that being a woman in national politics isn’t difficult:  it is, and sexism is still rampant in our society.  But Clinton, unlike Palin, was not considered a vapid wingnut because she actually knew what she was talking about, and could do things like name a newspaper that she’d read and answer the questions asked of her in debates.  She also didn’t play right into American sexism by doing things like winking at the camera and giving Rich Lowry a boner.

Douche-face concludes thusly:

Sarah Palin is beloved by millions because her rise suggested, however temporarily, that the old American aphorism about how anyone can grow up to be president might actually be true.

But her unhappy sojourn on the national stage has had a different moral: Don’t even think about it.

Actually, I think the moral is more like:  Don’t even think about it if you have little to no grasp of the fundamental policy questions that the job you’re applying for requires you to have a grasp of.  Check and mate.

Douche-hat Looking Douche-y

Douche-hat Looking Douche-y


2 responses to “Douthat = Douche-hat?

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  2. I’m reminded of a line from Henry Fonda’s one-man show on Clarence Darrow: “When I was a boy, we were taught as an article of faith that anyone, coming from anywhere, could grow up to become president of the United States … and now I’m beginning to believe it.”

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