Viva La YouTube!

It looks like Brigham Yong Universty has reluctantly entered the 21st century:

Brigham Young University, a Mormon Church institution where students agree to live a chaste and virtuous life, has lifted its almost three-year policy of blocking access to YouTube….

YouTube has its own filters for pornography, but the university added it to the list of Web sites blocked by campus online filters in 2006 because administrators felt there was too much content that could violate the university’s strict standards….

Students and faculty agree to follow the university’s honor code, a list of standards in line with the principles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The code includes provisions against alcohol, tobacco and caffeine use, among other things. It also specifically labels pornography as taboo.

Students and faculty can now watch scandalous videos like this:


One response to “Viva La YouTube!

  1. at least from my experience, anyone using a federal computer can’t access youtube either. clearly, this is the missing information that our bureaucrats need to get us back on track, but someone should tell homeland security that. so much for presidential addresses and funny cats.

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