Shameless Plug (updated)

I haven’t gotten around to reading my cousin’s latest book, The Snakehead, mostly because I’m dirt poor and can’t afford anything.  I will say that the New Yorker article that functioned as its inspiration is well worth reading (though I have no idea how to find it in their archives, and it may be hidden behind a subscriber wall).  Additionally, his first book, Chatter, is a motherfucking page turner, and taught me everything I know about the NSA’s eavesdropping program.  So, if you have the cash, buy his latest book.  Buy his old book.  Buy everything that you can get your hands on by the man because, well, he’s my cousin, and that should be enough.

UPDATE:  Another reason I haven’t bought the book?  It isn’t out until July 21.  I should really do my motherfucking research before I go plugging shit on the Internets.  That said, preorder the son of a bitch.  You’ve all got money, and jobs, and expense accounts.  What are you waiting for?


One response to “Shameless Plug (updated)

  1. THAT’s your cousin?? That article is incredible.

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