Rich Lowry Is Insane

Via TPM, Rich Lowry, editor of the National Review, has a total hard-on for Mitt Romney:

First Ensign, then the “Crying in Argentina” press conference. If Republicans want a presidential candidate who lives clean and whose family hasn’t been involved in tabloid scandals, it might soon be Mitt Romney by process of elimination.

Now, sure.  Mitt Romney is, um, comptetent, which is a rare virtue these days in the Republican party.  But he also strapped a fucking dog to the roof of his fucking car for a twelve hour drive from Boston to Ontario. I know that such a decision doesn’t rise to the level of disappearing to Argentina for several days to have a romantic tryst with your adultress lover, but still, it’s slightly scandalous.  Let’s just say he lost the PETA vote.

I can’t fathom what it is certain members of the right like so much about Mitt Romney.  He consistently proved that he has no principles on the campaign trail last year.  He was a lifelong hunter one day, his dad marched with MLK the next.  It was just a bullshit-fest of extreme proportions.  He should’ve just said, “I’m Mitt Romney.  I saved the Salt Lake City Olympics, I got elected in gay-loving Massachusetts, and I’m filthy fucking rich.  Vote for me.”  But instead he pranced around trying to be everything to everyone, and was consequently no one for anyone.  Oh, and he spent, like, $60 million of his own cash in the effort.  Somebody once did the math for how much each delegate he won cost him.  It wasn’t pretty.

Anyway.  What do I know?  Vote for Mitt Romney.


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