I Used To Live in Canada And It Was The Bee’s Knees…

The best part?  Single-payer healthcare.  For real.  I lived there for four years and encountered only mild complaints about the healthcare system.  (I remember my friend Axel bitching about having to wait several weeks to get an appointment with a specialist to check on his aching knee.  That’s about as egregious as it gets in Canada.  Oh, and as a side note/perk, the girls are all pretty, too.  Two thumbs up for that wonderful country.  Really.)  Anyway, Yglesias points to this choice quote from Max Baucus in the Times:

[Baucus] conceded that it was a mistake to rule out a fully government-run health system, or a “single-payer plan,” not because he supports it but because doing so alienated a large, vocal constituency and left Mr. Obama’s proposal of a public health plan to compete with private insurers as the most liberal position.

Bingo.  That would be Americans like me, who have experience with single-payer systems and have only good things to say about them.  I mean, it’d be at least nice if the scope of the debate weren’t limited to center-left positions like the public option, idiotic positions like fucking co-ops, and medical industry positions like not doing a damn thing.  That is, it’d be nice if the discussion looked at evidence from different countries’ experiments with public healthcare and assessed each idea according to its merits.

One can dream.


One response to “I Used To Live in Canada And It Was The Bee’s Knees…

  1. yes! if only she was wearing a nurse’s hat…

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