WTF Of The Day

I think this speaks for itself:

You may not have given a moment’s thought to the politicization of zombies, but Paul Waldman has — and no, he’s not talking about zombie companies kept alive by Washington.

Writing in the liberal American Prospect, Waldman concedes the popular genre has its libertarian and conservative strains. “It’s true that fighting off the zombie horde requires plentiful firearms, no doubt pleasing Second Amendment advocates,” he writes. “And in a zombie movie, government tends to be either ineffectual or completely absent.”

Yet when the apocalypse comes and capitalism breaks down, “what ensures survival in a zombie story are the progressive ideals of common cause and collective action,” he writes, usually by a culturally diverse band of survivors thrust together. “They come to understand that if they’re going to get out of this with their brains kept securely housed in their skulls and not travelling down some zombie’s gullet, they’ve got to act as though they’re all in it together.”

But take a look at those zombies above. Don’t they seem united behind a single purpose too?

I would read Waldman’s article, but I killed enough brain cells last night.


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