I Agree With…Michael Steele?

But, then again, this isn’t exactly surprising.  Steele:

Candidate Obama said lobbyists and special interests will not fund the Democratic Party, but now the Democrats are cashing their checks as fast as they come in, 364 days a year.


One response to “I Agree With…Michael Steele?

  1. morningbiscuit

    I used to work with a fella, name o’ Michael Steele. He was a stubby little guy that liked to tell me how much I sinned. We played basketball together at lunchtime (the fab-shop we worked at had a hoop) and he always whooped my butt. I’m still a little bitter about it.
    One day he came to work and the hood of his car was all kinked up and bungied closed. He said he let his mother-in-law borrow the car and she left it unlatched. While he was driving down the freeway, it popped up and smacked his windshield.
    I bet he voted for Obama.

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