WTF Of The Day

From the Times:

The nation’s three major military academies said Wednesday that applications for the incoming Class of 2013 were up significantly from previous years, citing aggressive marketing, declining casualties in Iraq and the economic downturn as factors…

In a year when layoffs and shrinking paychecks dominated many families’ thoughts about college, officials at the military academies acknowledged that the recession might have encouraged some students to apply. Not only are tuition and room and board completely covered at the academies, but students also receive stipends that total thousands of dollars a year.

But those officials also said that students tended to have very personal reasons for applying to the military academies — patriotism, an abiding interest in the military as a profession or a desire to follow a parent’s footsteps among them — and that therefore the economy alone could not explain the upswing in applications.”

There was a 40% increase in patriotism this year, which explains the 40% increase in applications to the Naval Academy.

Two other very personal reasons for applying to the nation’s military academies?  Being fucking broke.  And not being able to find a job.


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