Obama and Iran

So far, so good.  I don’t understand why Republicans insist on playing the “We should be telling that dirty fascist Ahmadinejad to go fuck himself”-game.  They must know that it would strengthen his hand.  Are they sowing this controversy for purely political purposes–i.e., to make Obama look like he’s capitulating to a member of the Axis Of Evil–or would a President John McCain really and truly be dumb enough to provide Ahmadinejad with a pretext for quashing a popular uprising?  Bear in mind:  we have a pretty dismal history with Iran.  You can’t depose their leaders and support their enemies in wars without taking a few knocks to your reputation.  Hilzoy has been solid on this for the past few days.  So has Anonymous Liberal.

But the question remains.  Is this a political ploy on the part of Republicans?  Or are they being genuine, if ignorant and unwise?

I guess the two aren’t mutually exclusive.


2 responses to “Obama and Iran

  1. The Republican’s are playing to that element of the American public that lives on borderline irrational sanctimonious condemnations from the pulpit, and that refuses to think systemically about anything.

    It’s safe for them to do that because obviously Obama’s going to ignore them. They get the points with the base… and America doesn’t eat the consequences of being stupid.

    Plus it feels good to hector.

  2. I guess another way to phrase my question is, if they had power, would the United States be forced to “eat the consequences of being stupid?” I know we’re dealing with counter-factuals when we try to address a question like that, but I think it’s worth pondering how a McCain administration would respond.

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