Flipping and Flopping…

Back in the early days of 2008, I was forced to register as a Democrat so that I could participate in Oregon’s Democratic Primary.  I was a supporter of Steve Novick for Senate, because he’s quirky as shit, has a hook for a hand, and stands at five-foot-nothing.  No, those aren’t the reasons I backed him, but point of the story is he lost to Jeff Merkley, a bland former speaker of the Oregon House, and Merkley went on to beat Gordon Smith, one of those fabled moderate Republicans you hear so much about.  And blah, blah, blah, now Oregon has two Democrats in the Senate, blah…

Where was I going with this?

Oh, right.  So I was forced to register as a Democrat, and as soon as the Primary was over, I switched back to having no affiliation.  I’m glad:

“House Republicans are preparing to vote en bloc against the $106 billion war-spending bill, a position once unthinkable for the party that characterized the money as support for the troops.

For years, Republicans portrayed the bills funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as matters of national security and accused Democrats who voted against them of voting against the troops……

Once the GOP votes against war funding, Democrats will seek to paint Republicans as flip-floppers, just as Republicans did when Democrats changed their position on a war-spending vote.”

Now, I understand the need to point out hypocrisy in political discourse as well as anyone, but seriously.  The Republicans are going to vote against the bill because it includes increased IMF funding.  The first House version didn’t include it and got the support of all but nine Republicans.  Then it went to the Senate, where the IMF funding was injected, and now the House Republicans are upset and they’re going to vote against the finalized bill.  That’s fine.  They’re entitled to do so.  What I can’t support are efforts on the part of Democrats to accuse Republicans of failing to support the troops, of flip-flopping.  When Republicans played that game with Democrats, most of the left understood it to be a callous political pissing contest.  A sideshow.  And now Democrats are gearing up to engage in the same tactics.  It’s kind of, I dunno, unbecoming.

Again, point out the hypocrisy all you want.  The Republicans certainly deserve to be called out on it.  Someone should really say, “Hey, a-holes, remember when we voted against war spending bills and you called us unpatriotic and said we weren’t supporting the troops, and that they were all going to die horrible deaths because of our vote?  Well, WTF?”  But to use the same playbook–to act as though this is about “supporting the troops” when it so evidently isn’t–is a dick move.  Voting against a war spending bill that includes increased IMF funding is different from voting against a war spending bill that doesn’t.  And for the record, neither action shows a lack of support for the troops.  I thought intelligent people knew that.

Anyhow, two wrongs don’t make a right.  All I’m saying.

(h/t: TPM)


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