Uighurs in Bermuda

From today’s Times:

“Almost exactly seven years after arriving at Guantánamo in chains as accused enemy combatants, and four days after their surprise predawn flight to Bermuda, four Uighur Muslim men basked in their new-found freedom here, grateful for the handshakes many residents had offered and marveling at the serene beauty of this tidy, postcard island…..

Over a lunch of fish and chips on Sunday, they praised Bermuda for showing courage in the face of potential Chinese pressures that, in their view, powerful European countries had failed to muster.”

Wait a minute.  We’re releasing prisoners?  What would Jonah Goldberg say?  Oh, I know:

“And the Uighurs are a much easier case than the rest of the worst of the worst.

I’ve compared Gitmo to Yucca Mountain before, and I think the comparison still works. The difference, however, is that Yucca was never open for business while Gitmo was. Imagine if Yucca was holding tons of hot radioactive waste and a new administration tried to find new homes for the stuff around the country and the world. It would be a daunting political task, needless to say. Well, that’s Obama’s problem now. And he deserves all the trouble he gets for it, since Guantanamo is the right place for these guys.”

Well, Jonah, it either is or it isn’t the “right place for these guys.”

Presumably, Jonah thinks that the Uighurs aren’t the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst, since they’re a “much easier case than the rest of the worst of the worst.”  But, how about all of the other detainees at Guantanamo?  If the Uighurs were wrongly imprisoned for the better part of a decade, couldn’t it be possible that some of the other “worst of the worst” might just be the “worst,” or perhaps maybe just “bad,” or, hell, I don’t know, “completely innocent”?

But we mustn’t give them fair trials, due process, or habeas corpus, because then the illusion of Good (Us) vs. Evil (Them) might come crumbling down.  And silly metaphors comparing human beings to toxic waste might prove themselves the product of lazy and morally bankrupt thinking.


One response to “Uighurs in Bermuda

  1. you should start a band named after the title of this post.

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