Robble Robble v. Crack A Bottle

First, the original, Eminem’s ‘Crack A Bottle’….. If, that is, I can figure out how to link it.  (Big if…)

Is that going to show up as a youtube video?  Eminently unclear.

Now, the remix…

Who wins?  Open thread.


2 responses to “Robble Robble v. Crack A Bottle

  1. having been present for the conception of blogbytom, i’ll have to say that it has sprung forth full grown from the forehead. bloggier than i ever thought possible.
    also, tully mc is the shit. no contest. we just need the video! and more discussion of shiraz.

  2. Robble Robble is missing the star power of Crack a Bottle, but other than that, it is clearly the superior lyrical endeavor.

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